The Hidden Ingredient that Could Be Making You Sick

The Hidden Ingredient that Could Be Making You Sick

You’ll find it in supposedly “less toxic” (but more expensive) deodorant…it’s an ingredient that most don’t recognize: carrageenan. It’s not an easy word to pronounce, and sure sounds like it doesn’t belong in or on the body.

Turns out, carrageenan has attracted the attention of other label-reading, health-conscious folk. The ingredient, an additive derived from red algae, has gained some negative press and warranted a bit of investigation. Here’s the scoop:

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7 Simple Ways to Get In More Exercise

exerciseYou probably already know that physical activity is key to good health, but are you actually integrating movement into your daily routine?

Today you’re going to learn seven simple ways to get in more exercise – none of which involve a fancy gym, a trainer breathing down your neck, or heavy-duty weights.

One of the biggest pitfalls related to exercise is feeling like you need to commit to an intense two-hour routine. When you fail to do this, you do nothing instead of moving your body for even five minutes.

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Gluten-Free Doesn’t Always Mean Healthy

bread-587596The gluten-free trend is more popular than ever, and many people assume eating gluten-free will automatically make them lose weight, clear up digestive issues, and make their skin glow.

Not so fast.

When you go gluten-free, the instinct is to replace bread, cookies, and pancakes with gluten-free versions. The problem is that these processed foods are often made with hard-to-digest fillers that are more difficult for the body to process than gluten.

Many people view the gluten-free trend as a diet, but it’s not. If you want to lose weight, cutting out gluten may be the answer, but if you replace it with junky processed foods, the scale probably won’t move.

I encourage you to evaluate how gluten makes you feel on a deeper level – how it affects your energy and mood – and decide from there.

If you suspect you have a true gluten intolerance and want to experiment with a gluten-free lifestyle, take these three steps:

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